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A report by Supertrends on "Aquaporins and Sepsis" has been published

Supertrends has created a dynamic report on thetopic of AQPs and sepsis. Challenges in contemporary sepsis healthcare, as well as opportunities arising from AQP based therapies are discussed, and the report presents an outlook on the...



RG100204 is effective in a preclinical model of bacterial sepsis

New ApoGlyx results demonstrate that RG100204 is effective in reducing organ damage in a preclinical model of bacterial sepsis.

There is currently no specific treatment for sepsis, the body’s overreaction to infection that often causes severe organ damage, and death. According to the Global Sepsis Alliance, 47 to 50...



ApoGlyx patent applications granted in new countries

ApoGlyx has applied for two patents covering Aquaporin-9 inhibitor technology. A first patent has been granted in the USA in 2018, and in 2020 in Australia, China, and Japan. A second patent has also been granted in the USA in August 2020.