About Apoglyx

Aquaporins are a novel class of drug targets, with important roles in diseases, ranging from inflammatory and metabolic diseases to cancer. However, development of drugs targeting aquaporins has proven to be extremely difficult. Innovative research performed by Dr. Michael Rützler together with Prof. Søren Nielsen, MD, and Prof. Per Kjellbom from Lund University has led to the discovery of the first drug-like aquaporin inhibitors. Based on this research, ApoGlyx has developed potent and selective small molecule aquaporin inhibitors. Apoglyx will focus on the preclinical development and the commercialization of patented Aquaporin technology in several disease areas.

Apoglyx Team

Preben Bruun-Nyzell

Chairman of the board

Finance expertise, co-founder of 2A Pharma. Previously CFO of Qatalum/Qatar, senior positions in EMAL, Arqaam Capital, Accenture, PwC, Hoff-mann-La Roche

Christine Widstrand

Board member

Expert in business development. Executive VP at LU Holding. Previously CEO and founder of MIP Technologies

Johan Evenäs

Board member

Expert in med. chem. & drug development. CEO of Red Glead Discovery. Previously AstraZeneca.

Søren Nielsen, Prof., MD

Board member

Expert in renal physiology, co-founder & CEO of Action Pharma, Synact Pharma, Meta-IQ.

Per Kjellbom, Prof.

Board member

Co-founder of Hydrogen, expert in membrane protein structural biology & biochemistry

Andreas L. Norlin

Board member

Expert in pre-clinical & clinical develop-ment & diabetes. COO VAR2 Pharma & VarCT Diagnostics. Previously Novo Nordisk.

Michael Rützler


Expert in molecular biology & drug discovery.